Re-watch the OD Expert Group Event – Video recording available

On June 29, the OD Expert Group hosted the first signature event to discuss the upcoming Pharma revision and an EU HTA fit for rare diseases. Thanks to all of you who joined us in Brussels or online, and to all the panelists who contributed greatly to making this event a success.

Throughout the event, we engaged in thought-provoking discussions led by distinguished experts, policy-makers, and industry leaders. Every panelist contributed greatly to the inspiring discussion and, as our Chair Maurizio Scarpa said, to try to be optimistic! Bringing together experts from all the different areas of the rare disease community, from clinicians to industry and institutions, is our major goal and we are proud to host important discussions for the future of millions of people affected by rare conditions


The video is now available, watch it now in case you missed it! Click here


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Posted on 5. July 2023