Incentives & rewards

Need 2: Improve the system of financial incentives and rewards

The current OMP Regulation foresees certain direct and indirect financial incentives and rewards. These include the main incentive, the 10-year market exclusivity period upon obtaining marketing authorisation. However, the fact that 95% of rare diseases remain without authorised treatment suggests that the current financial incentives are not sufficient to steer development into areas of unmet need. Only a well-designed set of targeted financial incentives, in conjunction with the improved R&D development ecosystem, will encourage development into addressing unmet needs.

Policy solutions include working with new and existing financial incentives in a modulated way that steers investment towards ‘priority diseases’, while still incentivizing continued research across all rare disease areas.

The recommendations

  • Modulate market exclusivity based on agreed criteria
  • Introduce novel financial incentives, such as a transferable voucher or tax credits for drug development

Here you can find our report.