OD Expert Group – Workshop 2

On June 21, the multi-stakeholder OD Expert Group held its second online workshop. We are grateful to all the participating experts for their valuable contributions that made the workshop a great success.

The workshop allowed for productive discussions on best practices and innovative solutions regarding access to orphan medicinal products for individuals affected by rare diseases. The members of the OD Expert Group shared informative comments and insightful ideas concerning the future of access within the European Union.

Building on the insights provided during the OD Expert Group’s first workshop, which focused on the best practices in treatment access to OMPs, the second workshop delved into the EU’s efforts to encourage the adoption of these best practices among Member States. As always, the multi-stakeholder nature of the Group and the outstanding expertise of its members translated into a high-level and inspiring debate.

Experts engaged in Focus Group Discussions deliberated on three key questions:

  • How can the EU foster harmonization and adoption of EAPs?
  • What is needed for Member States to consider RWE in their decision-making?
  • Should the EU do more to address the ability to pay?

The conclusions drawn by the OD Expert Group members during this second workshop, combined with the results of the first workshop, are the core of phase 3 of the OD Expert Group’s work dedicated to the issue of access to OMPs in the EU. We will continue working and developing ideas towards our next Report, stay with us on this journey.

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Posted on 25. June 2024